Be popular, or be true

“I am probably the best forecaster in the world, yet by and large I’m ignored. It was frustrating to see how readily the larger media* embraced self-proclaimed psychics and charlatans, yet ignored me. It ticked me off because I’m basically an egotist. Then one day I finally realized that these charlatans obtained their publicity by focussing their efforts on obtaining media exposure rather than on the craft of prediction. That’s why most, maybe all of these media-embraced prognosticators spewed predictions that later events proved laughably wrong. The mechanism is quite simple. Those who are real predictors have a certain personality that cannot be self-promoting – partly because self-promotion destroys the predictive faculty. It is hard to whisper when you are shouting. So you have a choice: be popular, or be true.”

from A Blog by Astrologer Tim Stephens


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