11th moon day – intended for cleansing and fasting

Câteva detalii despre ziua a 11-a aici – Symbol: Kundalini

Awakening of primary energy, named kundalini. This is a day of ekadashi.

This is the most energetic day. Today it is necessary to use caution and attentiveness in every task. Affairs, started today, must absolutely be brought to a close. Don’t overload yourself.

Influence on health:

Backbone is active. It is good to fast and clean oneself energy-wise. The day is suitable for liver cleaning.

Nutrition tips on 11 lunar day:

This day the best food is fruits and juices. It is important to hear your vibrations. If you feel heaviness then start fasting. If you have physical load ahead eat high-caloric food. Usually this day is simultaneous with Ekadashi. During Ekadashi avoid taking bean, grain and vegetable oils, eat fruits, juices, salads, buckwheat and dairy produce. It is favorable to start long term fasting.

Business on 11 lunar day:

This is one of the most energetic and successful days of the lunar month. You may see the realization of what you had planned at the beginning of this period. The Energy is very powerful, so don’t miss the chance to be more efficient at work. Enthusiasm, assurance and your potential are highly increased.

It is recommended to:
– prepare carefully for any new projects
– make resolute your actions in business and at work
– solve small and insignificant financial matters
– implement changes you had planned
– make contracts
– take on new responsibilities or positions
– finish started projects
– pay attention to spiritual aspects.

It is not recommended to:
– give too much attention to material valuables.

Housework on 11 lunar day:

The energy of this day is very powerful. When starting any project you must be 100% certain that you will be able to lead them to their accomplishment. If you are at all unsure that you can manage to achieve something better not to overload yourself or do anything serious. Do all your necessary housework in advance, but if you can’t avoid it, set a limit and don’t allow yourself to pass this marker. During cleaning today you might feel you have extra energy and you can breathe easier but try to stop in time in order not to lose too much strength. Keep a distance from sharp instruments today. This lunar day is best fit for beginning building projects which need to be completed according to any certain terms or schedule.

Relationships on 11 lunar day:

This lunar day is favorable to constitute a family. The energy of this day is very high and overuse of alcohol can lead up to troubles. Remember it while planning the wedding festival and exclude alcohol at all.
Prevent misunderstanding with your partner. Do not think of future plans together. It is better to take care of your partner and make a gift.

Stones and minerals:

Fire opal, hematite, cornelian.

Meditation on 11 lunar day:

Fire, concentrate on your internal body processes.

Today is a good day for ascesis and solitude. Try to devote this day to meditation, fasting, clearing the mind. If you can’t be alone, just remember that all processes which you start should be finished, unless you are fasting. Especially make sure to accomplish all cleaning procedures. It is good to meditate and work with all chakras rising up the Kundalini. Internal fire and latent energy are awaken.
During the 11th lunar day the Kundalini and bottom of the spine are active.

The dreams on 11 lunar day:

Dreams this lunar day typically show how harmoniously we are moving in the material and spiritual worlds. The images that you see will quite clearly illustrate your situation at this point in time. If your dream is good and you play a positive role, it means that your development is going in the right direction; if you play the role, where someone hurts you or you hurt someone else, then you’re doing somewhere wrong in your real life or your spiritual world might be in tatters. Good dreams today promise happiness, might carry useful information and usually come true; some say they come true in three days. Sometimes on this lunar day you can’t remember your dreams, in this case life is giving you a chance to just relax, because this day itself is difficult and very charged.

Ekadasi in Hindu Scriptures

This fast is not only said to remove sins and bad karma but also gain blessings and good karma. Lord Krishna says: “I shall remove all obstacles from his path of spiritual development and bestow upon him the perfection of life” if a person keeps regular and rigorous fast on Ekadasi. In the Garuda Purana, Lord Krishna names Ekadasi as one of the “five boats for the people who are drowning in the ocean of worldly existence”, the others being Lord Vishnu, the Bhagavad-Gita, the Tulsi or holy basil, and the cow. In the Padma Purana, Lord Vishnu says: “Among all plants, the Tulsi is my favorite, among all months, Kartik, among all pilgrimages, Dwaraka, and among all days, Ekadasi is most beloved.”

Și aici și metoda de fasting.

On 11th day of each cycle moon forms trine with earth or sun.
From this day moon’s influence on liquids in our body and mind starts rising.
As long as important organs such as brain, digestive system function properly our body will never get any disease.
All diseases start with indigestion.
But from this 11th day our body gets into the magnetic pull of moon heavily and our digestive system doesnt secrete proper fluids that will help us digest our food.
From this 11th day till 5th day after newmoon or fullmoon day, moon will influence us maximum and imbalance our digestive system.
This will also cause decrease in brain’s functioning and cause weakness in memory, thought and decision making.

So, to avoid all these complications , its important to clean our digestive system on every 11th day of lunar cycle.
This helps our digestive system to clean up all the food and mess in our body till 10th day and adjust itself for the next 10 days of lunar influence.
On this day fasting should start with having only water(mixed with a pinch of salt and lime juice if possible).
Adding 1 spoon of salt + 1/2 slice lime juice in 2 litres of water and consuming only that throughout the day will flush out remainings in intestines and also prepare stomach area for next 10 days of stress.
Its important to clean stomach and intestines before fasting to make sure leftovers don’t cause any complication.

To divert mind from feelings like hunger, fatigue etc meditation is recommended on this day.

Other 11th Moon Day info:

Symbols: Kundalini.
Characteristics: Energetically, the most powerful Lunar day of the whole month, day of awakening of the sacred mystical energy Kundalini, one of the most powerful energies in the Universe. Kundalini, first responsible for building our bodies, now gets activated to transform them into higher spiritual structures. Only people who are ready, or were born on this day, can get access to this amazing and secret power.

Recommendations: We have to be very careful today, and finish everything we begin. Caring of people who close to us, making gifts, expressing love is recommended. Day best spent fasting, cleansing.

Precautions: Carefulness and mindfulness in everything is necessary. Overworking, strain and stress should be avoided. Touching of insects, harming and killing of any living form is strictly prohibited. Try to be gentle with the Nature and her creations.


The result of hair cutting on the 11th lunar day acording the moonhoroscope:
This is a good lunar day for hair cutting, if there is a desire to become more perceptive and develop your intuition. In rare cases, even the gift of clairvoyance opens up
The result of hair cutting on the 11th lunar day acording the Tibetan calendar:
increased intelligence, foresight and insight.

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