The bullshit of Monatomic Andara Crystals or How to scam people with garbage glass

Dedication: to all the believers.

No idea how it came to me, but this morning had to read some lovely ironical messaging board between mineralogists at mindat. Talking about big scam andara “crystals”. Really healing, really hyper-time accelerators, esoteric, quantum, energy, resonance, all the cute physics names. And really fairy dust, vibrating dust.


It’s magic.

It’s true.

Such a fully blown stupidity, that I could not long endure to read. A new Jesus, cure for all, except brainlessness. I am late to the party, but idiots are never out of fashion.

Citing one hilarious comment:

I recall reading in a previous mindat thread what “monatomic” is supposed to mean. Bear with me while I try to paraphrase what I remember…

It is supposed to refer to a new state of matter, in which atoms of an ordinary element do not bind to each other or anything else, and form a mass that does not have the ordinary properties of the normal solid element. Hence a blob of glass slag can really be monatomic anything! It could be gold, but look (and test) like glass! With magical properties! 

I don’t do emoticons, but whatever the one that means sarcasm goes here.

One nice youtube scam revealer. Buying kilos glass for 10 dollars and selling it piece by piece with hundreds or thousands of dollars. Because it’s magical! It’s otherworldly! It’s 5-th dimensional stuff! Or unicorn powder!

Just pick your own kind of lie.

And one nice youtube scammer. Or blogger. Or seller.

Blessed be the morons. They pay for an extra yacht. Of another.

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