Chernobyl, 26 april 1986

The movie. Au făcut o serie pe HBO. Vreau să-l văd. Păcat că e făcut de americani, aș fi vrut versiunea rusească, deși citind părerile celor care au trăit în regiune, se pare că e foarte bine făcut, foarte bine informat.

Am văzut secvențe într-un trailer pe youtube, nu înțeleg cum google smart a ales să mi le arate, dar clar că e smart să mă targeteze, pentru că mi-au dat lacrimile. De ce?

Tata mi-a zis că în ziua aia când a pus țigara în gură, avea gust dulce.

Are note extrem de mari pe imdb, aproape de neîntânit așa unanim sus notat. Poate pentru că e real.

Două din review-urile care mi-au plăcut, n-am acum stare să citesc mai mult oricum.

“I was born in Pripyat. I was four years old when the accident happened. Watching it is more horrifying than living through it. We didn’t know what we were dealing with. It’s not like a hurricane or an earthquake that takes you by surprise and causes massive destruction. Here everything looked normal, that day was just like any other day and yet you were told to abandon everything and just leave. The immediate casualties of the accident were not huge, but it had an enormous impact on lives of hundreds of thousands of people. I often think what my life would be like if this didn’t happen.

This mini series is a masterpiece, perfect in every way. Some people are complaining here that the actors don’t speak Russian. I’m a native speaker of Russian and Ukrainian, I don’t want the actors to speak Russian. You get so consumed by this show you stop noticing what language they speak.

It’s not a documentary, so not each and every detail is accurate, yet I would still call it authentic. The creators got the important stuff right… Both of my parents worked at Chernobyl plant, I grew up hearing stories and versions of what happened. I think this show is the best depiction of the Chernobyl disaster and the stories of its victims. This show is to remind all of us of the cost of lies.” (curiosityonmars, 29 may 2019)

“Hi. I’m from Kiev, Ukraine. I was born in 1983 and I was 2 and a half years when the Chernobyl catastrophe happened. I remember 1980s and I can tell that the authors of this film made a GREAT job to show every detail of what the world look for is in the times of Soviet union. The telephones, the clothes, the haircuts, the cracked paint on the window sills, even the door glass is similar to what I remember. There are couple of things which seemed weird to me: firefighters didn’t have the red stars on their helmets, and most of the time people use the short forms of the names when they talk to each other (Vasya, not Vasiliy, Lyuda, not Lyudmila). But the most important thing that this film shows is that the soviet authoritiies lied to people about this catastrophe all the time. For example, in Kiev which is 130 km from Chernobyl, nobody knew about the high levels of radiation till the middle of May, they even held a parade on the first of May, when the level of radiation in Kiev was 100 times higher than normal (iodine131 isotope) and nobody gave us the iodine pills. Everyone who tried to tell the truth was called the provocateur and could even be fired from work. I highly recommend to watch this film. This is a tribute to all the heroes who lost their lives in a radioactive flame and saved all of us from death.” (natashapekar, 10 may 2019)


  1. Dupa parerea mea, e mai bine ca au facut americanii filmul decat rusii. Rusii l-ar fi cosmetizat mai mult decat ar fi/ fost cazul. Sper sa-l vad, desi cred ca e halucinant…

    • Da, poate e mai bine că l-au făcut americanii, deși la ei bias-ul de sens invers poate dramatiza exact în direcția opusă diluării rusești.
      Numai că aici nu mai ai ce dramatiza. Realitatea e deja ea însăși terifiantă. Iar filmul probabil doar arată asta.

  2. Chiar ieri am văzut primul episod. Nici nu mi-am dat seama cînd a trecut o oră. E un serial bun.

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